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Helping you reach your fitness potential

What makes you the right online trainer for me?

My Body Goals is founded and run by Tim Beswick. Tim has been in the fitness industry for many years. He owns a gym in South Yorkshire and has worked with clients to get them to be the right body shape. Passionate about helping people to reach their full potential, he has set up an online training facility so that he can help people anywhere in the world.

Tim has personal expertise in weight lifting / resistance training as well as weight loss and toning. After a recent accident, Tim injured his spine and was left unable to train. When he started exercising again, he adapted his fitness routine to be safe and sensitive towards the injury.

Now, his passion is helping others to get to the shape they want and to create a sustainable lifestyle while minimising any potential injuries.

Forming long-term fitness habits, not diet fads

My Body Goals gives you the tools you need to create a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal body type. By not only getting you there but keeping you there, you will learn how to be happy and healthy long-term.

We don’t get on board with extreme diet fads. If you are looking for an easy way out or a ‘hack’, then this is not for you.

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