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Trying something new can be scary, especially when it comes to fitness. Getting out of your comfort zone can be the most rewarding task. To settle any concerns, we have listed answers to our frequently asked questions below.

If I sign up, what happens next?

Sign up for your free trial and receive a welcome pack with login details for the My Body Goals app.

  1. Read your Welcome Pack
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Online Personal Training

Once you do decide to join, receive your bespoke plan and get on the way to your body goals as a full member. You’ll then have access to our in-app messaging system – contact us anytime you need help.

Will I be charged after the trial?

No, we don’t auto-enrol you on any membership plans. Unlike others, you won’t be stung if you decide it’s not for you but forget to cancel.

If you want to become a full My Body Goals member, you can choose from two levels of support, detailed on the programs page.

We can talk you through these options and make sure you choose what’s right for you.

What if online training is not for me?

We built this system so it’s suitable for fitness beginners, so we know that if you’ve never tried online personal training before you will have hesitations.

That’s why we offer the free trial, as we only want to work with people that can enjoy our training. That won’t happen if you don’t like the online video format.

If you try us and realise you’d prefer to do your workout a different way – we wish you all the best! Our free trial does not auto-enrol, so if it’s not for you that’s ok. It won’t cost you a penny.

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No auto-enrollment, no catch.

Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to take advantage of our free trial offer to see if online personal training will be suited to you. If you decide later down the line that it’s no longer for you, you can cancel at any time.

For the free trial, the exercises in our pre-recorded workout videos will require you to be in a gym. It is advised to have a gym membership and workout in one when training with My Body Goals. For more information, head to our program page.

If you are happy to become a member, we can set that up for you straight away. Your membership will then be completely tailored to you, you will choose from 2 different options one been a pre made 12 week workout program or out resistance and nutritional monthly coaching package. The monthly package comes with no contracts it just rolls month on month.

During the free trial, as mentioned above, you can skip workouts or adapt the equipment to suit you. As it’s more to get a feel for the app and your current fitness level, do what you can and it can be discussed at your progress meeting. None of the pre-set workouts in the free trial will be too hard.

There are 2 different options. One will provide you with a 12 week work out plan via the app and the other is my resistance and nutrition monthly coaching.

No, you won’t be tied into any of the membership options. For the 12 week workout plan you pay for the full plan upfront so if you choose not to complete all the workouts that is your choice but you would not receive any refund. For the monthly resistance and nutrition coaching this is a month on month basis so you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.

In order to make the most of your program, we suggest 3-5 sessions of around 1 hour each per week.

If you follow the plans and eat well, within 12 weeks you should see substantial results.

Don’t worry – we start the training at a level that suits your current fitness levels. The free trial will be a good indication of your abilities and the progress call will allow us to tailor your program to you.

When you are doing the free trial, be cautious of your own injuries. If you are anxious about starting, please get in touch. Once you are a paying member, you will receive questionnaires to outline any personal injuries or physical limitations you may have. This helps us to change the exercise program to suit you.

Your membership is not set to any auto-enrols. This way, it won’t cost you a penny unless you like it and we know you are serious about joining our online program before any payments are processed. If you know during the free trial you want to become a paying member, we can arrange everything to ensure a seamless transition once your trial period ends.

Sign up for your 14-day free trial today

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“I understand how hard it can be to keep to a regular workout and nutrition routine. Work, life, family, and friends can all seem to get in the way. Getting that balance is hard. 

That’s why I want to help people by giving them the tools they need to stay on track and achieve their ideal body goals. Not having to think about your workout or meals yourself gives you the headspace to enjoy life whilst staying fit and healthy.

Join me on this journey and gain control of your life again.”

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No auto-enrollment, no catch.