Flexible online personal training

With My Body Goals reach your fitness potential by working out in a way that suits you.

When we say your online personal training is bespoke to you, it really is.

To make sure your goals are achievable, each member’s program is adapted to suit your…

  • Equipment
  • Location
  • Injuries
  • Physical limitations
  • Schedule

Giving you the tools to reach your body goals.

Online Personal Training

12 Week Pre Made Weight Lifting Plan

£60One time payment
  • Access to the My Body Goals App
  • 12 week pre made weight lifting program
  • 3 full body workouts per week
  • Perfect for beginner lifters
  • 15 Weeks access to the app
  • A gym membership is required for all workouts

Monthly Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

£150Per month
  • Access to the My Body Goals App
  • Personalised training program to suit your goals
  • Nutrition and diet to support your workouts.
  • Set how many days you will workout per week
  • Weekly check in forms
  • In app messaging support
  • Nutrition and diet guidance to know what you should eat
  • In app food diary where you can enter all your meals and snacks, upload pictures and see your daily calorie consumption
  • Full macro tracking built in within the app
  • My Fitness Pal Intergration
  • Suggested quantities of food categories, regularly reviewed in line with your personal goals
  • Education and resources relating to your food choices
  • Habit tracking & support
  • Please note, the nutrition advice does not include set meal plans but acts as guidance and education to make informed decisions.
  • No contracts keeping you tied in

Keeping you accountable and pushing your body goals

No matter what you need support with, you’ll be held accountable for the fitness and physique goals you set. By having weekly exercise targets, all you have to do is show up. Watch your personalised workout videos and use the My Body Goals App to track your progress.

It’s easier to get results with help.

Workouts tailored completely to you

When you join us, you’ll be asked to complete a onboarding questionnaire that will give us all the details we need to build your plan for you. You’ll only get workouts that are accessible to your personal situation and if your gym don’t have any equipment needed for the workouts, we’ll make sure to change this out asap for a suitable alternative. You’ll also be able to let us know if you have any injuries or physical limitations, so we can modify the exercises to your body.

Your personal trainer Tim had a serious spinal injury himself, so knows how to modify exercises if you need to.

Making the most of your online fitness training

Use our free consultation call as an opportunity to see if the online personal training works for you.

In order to make the most of your program, we suggest 3-5 sessions of around 1 hour each per week. If you follow the plans and eat well, within 12 weeks you should see substantial results.

Use the regular check in forms as an opportunity to ask any questions and take advice from your expert personal trainer.

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No contracts, no catch.

Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online coaching comes with no contracts and no catch, we are that confident that once you start you wont want to stop, thats why we don’t keep anyone locked into any minimum terms. If you decide later down the line that it’s no longer for you, you can cancel at any time.

It is advised to have a gym membership and workout in one when training with My Body Goals. For more information, head to our coaching page.

If there are any work outs you struggle with or if your gym doesn’t have a certain machine don’t panic we will simply alter this and swap the exercise out for something else. You can contact us through the app with our built in instant messenger service. You can also book a zoom or phone call to discuss anything you might need assistance with.

There are 2 different options. One will provide you with a 12 week pre made work out plan via the app and the other is my bespoke fitness and nutrition monthly coaching.

No, you won’t be tied into any of the membership options. For the 12 week pre made workout plan you pay for the full plan upfront so if you choose not to complete all the workouts that is your choice but you would not receive any refund as this is a one time purchase. For the monthly fitness and nutrition coaching this is a month on month basis so you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.

In order to make the most of your program, we suggest 3-5 sessions per week of around 1 hour each.

If you follow the plans and eat well, within 12 weeks you should see substantial results.

Don’t worry – we start the training at a level that suits your current fitness levels.

When you are doing the free trial, be cautious of your own injuries. If you are anxious about starting, please get in touch. Once you are a paying member, you will receive questionnaires to outline any personal injuries or physical limitations you may have. This helps us to change the exercise program to suit you.